Fibre Products & Optical Devices

Castle Microwave is partnered with Senko to provide class leading Fibre Products. Through this partnership Castle are able to offer Technologically advanced Fibre solutions, providing high density, ruggedized multi-fibre cables and connectors.

Senko also provide a wide range if IP68 rated connectors and Fan out.

Fibre analysis equipment, optical scopes and cleaners.

We provide a range of optical Products including,

  • Lasers
  • Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes
  • Transceivers
  • Chips
  • Substraits & Passives for Optical Devices
  • Test Equipment
Our range has recently expanded to include Fibre Optic Cable, connectors, cleaning and inpsection tools. 




Senko's innovative XP Fit Range Provides a Field terminated factory finish in under 3 Minutes (typical). Giving a typical insertion loss (IL) of 0.25dB and Typical Return loss of -65dB. 

Solutions include HD connectors designed specifically to minimise space in racked applications. A single 19 Inch rack can be fitted with 192 Ports using the LC-HD connector. 


Additional Products include:


  • Multi Fibre  crush resistant cables
  • Fan Outs and Junction Boxes
  • IP 68 rated Products for harsh Environment.


For all your requirements please contact Castle Microwave Ltd:

+44 (0)1635 271300

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