Smart Probe 2

 - For Fibre Inspection


What is it?

  • A Simple yet innovative tool for video inspection of Ferrule end faces.
  • Connects wirelessly to smart phone or tablet via the Senko VUE app.
  • Android and iOS App currently available
  • Windows PC App. (Comming soon)
  • Battery Opperated


  • Simple to operate
  • High quality optical lens arraty with High Definition CMOS Sensor
  • User replaceable , rechargable batteries
  • Globally Qualified Wi-Fi Module
  • Image Display, capture and Report via the Senko VUE 3  App.
  • Comes with Probe, 1.25mm UPC male Tip, 2.50mm UPC, female tip, USB charger cable, Batteries.


  • Ferrule end face inspection for conenctors - All industry standard male tips
  • Panel Mounted, Inadaptor inspection, - All industry standard female tips                                                               


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