Castle Microwave offers a variety of RF and optical amplifier products from surface mount packages, modular designs and rack mount configurations for a wide range of applications.

These include low cost general purpose parts, HBT’s, LNA/Low noise Amplifiers, Distributed Amplifiers, driver and power amplifiers, available as either packaged parts or bare die with operating frequencies up to 100GHz. Module solutions for applications >20 GHz are available and high power amplifiers with output levels to 2500W for broadband applications up to 6GHz can be supplied.

•    RF, Microwave, Millimetre wave Amplifier Modules
•    Small Signal Amplifier
•    Low Noise Amplifiers
•    Broadband Solid State
•    SOA - Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
•    LNA - Low Noise Amplifiers
•    TMA - Tower Mount Amplifiers
•    Power & Bi-Directional Power Amplifiers
•    GPS Amplifiers

Typical Applications:
•    Telecomms
•    Satcom (Ku/Ka-bands)
•    VHF/UHF communications
•    Land/airborne/marine installations
•    Compliance testing
•    EW systems
•    Radar
•    Wi-Fi

-    RF power amplifier
-    High Power Amplifier
-    Low Noise Amplifier
-    Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
-    Broadband Power Amplifier
-    Narrowband Power Amplifier




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