Dassault Systemes


Simulia™ - Formally CST - from Dassault Systemes
  •  High Frequency 
  •  Low Frequency Simulation
  •  Charged Particles
  •  Circuit Simulation
  •  Advanced RF tools
  •  Interference Tasks
  •  EMC & EMS
  •  EDA import and PCB Simulation
  •  Chip Interface solutions



Simulia™  comprising of all tools found in CST is the the premier solution for the design and optimization of devices operating in a wide range of electromagnetic (EM) frequencies. The integrated design environment gives access to the entire range of solver technologies, and system assembly and modeling (SAM) facilitates multi-physics and co-simulation workflows as well as the management of electromagnetic systems. These features enable virtual prototyping, which can provide market advantages by shortening development cycles.




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