• CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzers with RFoCPRI
  • CellAdvisor RF Analyzers with RFoCPRI
  • CellAdvisor Signal Analyzers with RFoCPRI
  • CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzers
  • RANAdvisor and TrueSite Drive Test Solutions


Wireless Test Solutions for the Field and Lab

JDSU wireless field test and lab solutions support 3G/4G network deployment for high-quality network installation, maintenance, and reliable performance for service providers. The portfolio includes radio frequency (RF) handheld instruments for testing, troubleshooting and maintenance of wireless base stations and repeaters, meeting several base station test requirements for technologies like CDMA, EVDO, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, and HSPA. JDSU provides a clear upgrade path to emerging 4G technologies such as long-term evolution (LTE) and WiMAX wireless test solutions.

RF Test Solutions for Wireless Networks

JDSU wireless RF Test CellAdvisor™ solutions for the field include base station analyzers, cable and antenna analyzers, and signaling analyzers for the installation and maintenance of modern wireless communication systems. RF test is critical for wireless operators facing challenges of signal quality and signaling interference, and maintaining quality high-bandwidth services. Their solutions address spectrum analysis, interference analysis, and cable, antenna and modulation analysis, covering current wideband technologies such as fixed/mobile WiMAX and LTE.

RANAdvisor Solutions for Wireless Networks

JDSU’s RANAdvisor and TrueSite are the industry’s most flexible, customizable and scalable solutions for the optimization of wireless networks and validation of Small Cell and DAS deployments.  The solutions can be used both outdoors and indoors enabling the implementation of new carriers and all your revenue-generating services. The RANAdvisor PC platform includes a receiver with up to eight frequency bands and software that can simultaneously measure and troubleshoot network RF coverage and service delivery across all existing 2G, 3G and 4G technologies and WiFi. The solution tests all voice and data services including VoLTE, and with the majority of today’s traffic originating from indoor environments, the JDSU PC solution can also be deployed in a backpack—the lightest and most comfortable solution available.

If you need ultra-portability, TrueSite will meet all your needs.  TrueSite is a tablet-based solution which can be used as a single handheld device for simple testing, or combined with up to six phones and a DRT receiver. It provides powerful testing that anyone can use, and is stored discreetly in a small messenger bag.  The PC solution supports hundreds of different devices  including the iPhone, and TrueSite uses Android devices, including the latest generation of Samsung Galaxy handsets and tablets. 


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